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We connect capital to property to let the right hotel concepts blossom into beautiful businesses that achieve superior returns for our investors. We get what contemporary is all about. If you are in the hotel, hospitality or real estate business or looking to invest, read on.

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The true value of hotels lies in their ability to speak to the imagination

The post-Covid era revitalized the hotel industry; leisure travel has returned to the levels of 2019 and continues to increase despite average airfares rising globally. On top of this, the middle class is growing rapidly, with consumers of all ages generally spending less on products and more on experiences.

At the same time, the business faces some challenges. There are less physical opportunities to develop new hotels. And hoteliers are experiencing difficulties managing existing ones. Staggering costs as a result of strong inflation, a tight labor market and higher interest rates, added to repayment arrangements with banks and tax authorities are driving the need for a co-investor or a good exit strategy.

European Hotel Capital is convinced that now is the right time to invest in hotels and start capitalizing on the contemporary. Creating new and exciting opportunities for hotel owners and investors alike.

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European Hotel Capital

“We’re convinced that now is the time to create a fabulous future by investing in the right hotel concepts”

Invest in the endless promise of the contemporary 

Our investors see their hard-earned cash blossom into beautiful businesses. EUHC transforms hotels into contemporary concepts that deliver strong financial results. Seizing opportunities by knowing what is in demand.
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Write the next chapter of your hotel's history 

We understand that even though you might be looking for an exit, that doesn’t mean you want your legacy to end. EUHC helps hoteliers preserve their hotel by transforming them into contemporary concepts. Are you considering selling your hotel or looking for a co-investor? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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European Hotel Capital is a creative investment engine with a vast network of partners in hotel property and hospitality management.
Our combined talents provide the foundation on which we successfully build hotel businesses in Europe.

Joost Mees


Joost Mees is a well-known name in the hotel industry, with more than twenty years of experience as advisor of hotel transactions and developments. He was the owner of niche hotel consultancy MD Hotel Investments and is the former Director/Head of Hotels at Colliers.

At EUHC, Joost is responsible for strategy and management, sourcing of new hotels and management of hotels in the investment portfolio.

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